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A Visit To My Dentist’s Office – “Best Vasectomy Ever”

My adventure started out like a whimsical Dr. Seuss story. I had lots of nervous energy so I was commenting on many items. The dental assistant walks in to ‘prep’ me. She was wearing a glossy, plastic-like shoe. I asked her if that was to allow her to clean up the blood spillage more easily. […]


My Neighbor Subtlety Asked For A Favor – How I Replied

We have a great neighbor. He has been helpful and friendly ever since we moved in next door to him about a decade ago. We have him over for dinner and he is sorta’ straight-laced Canadian, so I like to tease him. Our daughter and her husband, Sam the geek, came to visit and he […]


Flip Flops And Parole Officer(s)

I always wear my Keen flip flops when I go swimming at the pool. They (loudly) squeak when I leave as my feet are still wet. You can hear the sound from a 100-feet away. It doesn’t bother me, but if I am walking behind people, they often turn around to see what is so […]