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Be More With Less? The Mexican Surfer And The American Venture Capitalist

Thing Learned It is easier to plagiarize and modify an existing parable than to write your own. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, on to the story (with a concept attribution to Heinrich Böll 1*Heinrich Böll ) More With Less Hmm, More with less… great concept. Sounds like what I secretly overheard my wife saying […]


Ocean Village Resort Cabins – Tofino British Columbia (BC) Travel Info

Thing Learned 1: If the ‘special rate’ says ‘Storm Watching Special’ then you should expect a storm… a really big one. Thing Learned 2: Even ‘pretty areas’ have flaws… Tofino poses its’ own version of danger, much like the movie Fatal Attraction. Just beneath the surface, there can be a monster. In Tofino’s case, it is the Cascadia Earthquake […]