Friends Who Think I Don’t Do Social Media

Friends Who Think I Don’t Do Social Media

I have some friends (if you can believe that) that continually shame me with their social media skills.

I only see the shaming on Facebook because that is all I have. They may be shaming me via the other platforms.

They just sent me one of them ‘singing holiday Insty-Graham (not sure) thingies.’

Here they are, rapping to me from their latest album.

* ==>> Click the images to hear their rapping skills.

Well, I did a little research and found that they have been:

  • A rap group for a long time
  • Always wear hoodies
  • Have quite a few albums


Missy Dotcom just replied and said, “Just a little rapper’s delight!” Of course I had to look that up in the encyclopedia. Here is what I found.

Any you ask, “Where did the term ‘hip hop’ come from? Well, listen to the beginning.