Hurricane Preparedness Checklist – 10 Most Important Tips For Family Hurricane Safety

Top Tips To Keep Your Family Safe During a Hurricane 

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The most important things to do before bad weather strikes

Hurricane Safety To Do #1 – Plan Ahead. When the power goes out, ATM machines won’t work, gas stations won’t work, retail stores won’t work. Get plenty (this means at least $50 dollars, if not more) of one dollar bills, not many people will have change for twenty and hundred dollar bills.

Hurricane Safety To Do #2 – Charge your cell phone. Keep a spare charging cable to use in your car. Buy a solar cell phone charger. After the storm there may not be electricity, but there will be clear skies.

  • Solar Cell Phone Charger Solar powered charges start in the mid $20 range and go up from there. The best selling Amazon solar charger is $30. You should have at least one for every two phones in your family.

Hurricane Safety To Do #3 – Establish a family communication plan – Twitter, Facebook, or as simple as calling grandma’s (or anyone outside the hurricane zone) phone as the central check in. Make sure that all of your family knows about your emergency hurricane plan, escape routes, points of call etc, and what to do in case of a hurricane emergency. You can, for example, print out your Google contact list. and here is information on the Apple address book.

Hurricane Safety To Do #4 – Fill your gas tank. When the power goes out, gas pumps won’t work. Fill up now, and then fill up again before the storm hits. The longer you wait, the longer the lines. Don’t forget to buy propane for your BBQ.

  • Gas Can This 2.5 gallon gas can is fairly inexpensive – buy at least two cans so you have five gallons total.
  • Propane Tank Cylinder Nothing wrong with having an extra propane tank available, especially when power goes out for more than a week.

Hurricane Safety To Do #5 – Buy bottled water and fill your bathtub with tap water.

Hurricane Safety To Do #6 – Have an emergency first aid kit available.

  • First Aid Kits For $35 you can have medical supply basics, all in one place, ready to – it is worth it for you and your family. Don’t skimp on your family, buy a decent kit.

Hurricane Safety To Do #7 – Have basic storm fighting supplies.

    • Crank Powered Radio You can pay upwards of $100 for a decent unit. The best selling Amazon crank radio is just $20.
    • Duct Tape Don’t buy cheap duct tape. It just won’t hold in a storm. I use either T-REX Ferociously Strong Duct Tape or Gorilla Tape. Keep at least three rolls available. They will protect water from coming under the doors or through window jams. If a window breaks, you can use to tape the window.
    • Batteries.
    • Headlamp Flashlight ($10 at Amazon) and Camping Lantern light. The headlamp is handy because you can fix something using both hands.

Hurricane Safety To Do #8 – Get your medications and prescriptions together – refill as needed.

Hurricane Safety To Do #9 – Take pictures of your home and car before you leave for insurance purposes.

Hurricane Safety To Do #10 – Have extra pet food and supplies.

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