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A Squirrel’s ‘Tail:’ Watch Cute One-Minute Video On How A Squirrel Gets Two Ice Cream Cones Every Day

Thing Learned: I like ice cream, why shouldn’t a squirrel. And, everybody likes cute animal videos. I know, I know… Sometimes squirrels drive us nuts – but watch the one minute video below. You can find squirrels just about anywhere including at your favorite beach, at your favorite national park and often you have to live […]


Cats: Why We Love Them. The Passing Of Elliot Gee – Cornish Rex

Elliot Gee Tells The Story Of Her Own Passing When most pets die, they really don’t get any type of special markings for their grave. I Am Special But I am not only a cat, I am a Cornish Rex – that makes me special. But since I am special, I have a whole tree. […]