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Reason 51 Not To Own A Boat/Ship/Yacht/Whatever On Puget Sound

You’ve heard this before… The second best day of boat ownership is the day you buy your boat and the best day is the day you sell your boat. (FYI – not my boat) There was a ‘mild’ wind storm on 9/17/2017. This is the aftermath on Kala Point.


How (& Why) To Take Photos Of Your Home Before A Disaster Strikes: 10 Tips That Will Help You With Your Homeowners Insurance Claim.

Why To Take Photos Of Your Home (And Vehicles) Before A Disaster Please share with a friend. Most of the time people are taking photos AFTER a hurricane, a flood, a tornado or earthquake. By then it is too late to adequately get an a complete home inventory portrayal. Photos will make it easier to […]


Hurricane Preparedness Checklist – 10 Most Important Tips For Family Hurricane Safety

Top Tips To Keep Your Family Safe During a Hurricane  Please share with a friend. The most important things to do before bad weather strikes Hurricane Safety To Do #1 – Plan Ahead. When the power goes out, ATM machines won’t work, gas stations won’t work, retail stores won’t work. Get plenty (this means at least $50 […]