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How (& Why) To Take Photos Of Your Home Before A Disaster Strikes: 10 Tips That Will Help You With Your Homeowners Insurance Claim.

Why To Take Photos Of Your Home (And Vehicles) Before A Disaster Please share with a friend. Most of the time people are taking photos AFTER a hurricane, a flood, a tornado or earthquake. By then it is too late to adequately get an a complete home inventory portrayal. Photos will make it easier to […]


Hurricane Preparedness Checklist – 10 Most Important Tips For Family Hurricane Safety

Top Tips To Keep Your Family Safe During a Hurricane  Please share with a friend. The most important things to do before bad weather strikes Hurricane Safety To Do #1 – Plan Ahead. When the power goes out, ATM machines won’t work, gas stations won’t work, retail stores won’t work. Get plenty (this means at least $50 […]