A Squirrel’s ‘Tail:’ Watch Cute One-Minute Video On How A Squirrel Gets Two Ice Cream Cones Every Day

Thing Learned: I like ice cream, why shouldn’t a squirrel. And, everybody likes cute animal videos. I know, I know… Sometimes squirrels drive us nuts – but watch the one minute video below.

You can find squirrels just about anywhere including at your favorite beach, at your favorite national park and often you have to live with squirrels near your home.  Squirrels have come to interact with us and we have frequently chosen to interact with them – sometimes in a cute way.

North Carolina squirrel is living the dream: She gets two mini cones of ice cream every day.

Putter the squirrel lives in a tree above Fantasy Isle Ice Cream and Mini Golf in Holden Beach and has gotten quite comfortable fattening up with her daily treats.

“You call her name, and she literally will come out of her nest in one of these big trees and hop her way down to the roof, ultimately to the rail and waits on her cone,” Scott Martin told local ABC affiliate WWAY. He co-owns the business with his wife, Pam Martin.

There are many ways to provide squirrel care, but ice cream typically isn’t one of them.