Nobody Likes How Seattle Has Changed… But You Should.

I Don’t Like Change, Especially The Rapid Change In Seattle

You know, I am like many Seattleites, I don’t really like how Seattle has changed during all my years… But I think I know why Seattle has changed so much more than other parts of the country.

Seattle history and cartography is explored via 1878 map

A three-year time-lapse video shows a rapidly changing Seattle

You know who likes ‘change?’ A baby with wet diapers (Mark Twain)

Seattle Has Changed

I am old enough to (barely) remember the ‘62 Worlds Fair as a child,

I saw the Seattle Pilots at Sick’s Stadium (and the Ken Griffey years), I recall the billboard, “Will the last person leaving SEATTLE — Turn out the lights.” I have seen the Ted Bundy story playout (I knew the brother of one of the victims), the Green River Killer, read about DB Cooper, enjoyed Hendrix (but not so much grunge), and have traveled I5 through so many traffic jams that I have easily lost a year of my life.

Why Does Seattle Change?

It changes because of where we are located, the opportunity and how the confluence of those two served as guiding light for ‘adventurous’ people with vision.

It Changes Because YOU Are Adventurous!

A quick history of the early, ‘adventurous’ settlers moving to Seattle…

Adventurous people first left England and sailed the original ships to America (with respect to the Norse explorers). Another wave of Europeans arrived through Ellis Island. These souls had a combination of exploration, escapism, opportunity seeking, hope and optimism when they arrived on the east coast.

Just for this group to arrive already distinguished themselves as ‘adventurous.’ Now a subset of this group (even more adventurous) had the vision or dream to ‘Go West’ – think Lewis and Clark and all the pioneers

Long Before The Double…

Long before uttering Starbucks, ‘tech-boy’ orders like “Grande, Quad, Nonfat, Double-Pump, No-Whip, Mocha,” or “Double Grande, Nonfat, Extra Hot Caramel Macchiato Upside Down,” there was another, more powerful ‘double’ in play.

There was at least a ‘double adventurous’ gene or predisposition in those ultimately arriving into the Seattle area. Some became the precursors to Amazon (proprietors selling gold mining equipment to miners on their way to Alaska) and others learned how to live off the land or logged or fished.

In Short, Adventurous People Self-Selected To Come To Seattle (Including You)

Adventurous people are innovators, they take risks, they live on the edge, they experiment, they innovate. Hmm… sounds like Seattle.

And you wonder why Seattle has changed so much and continues to change? It is in the nature of those who travel from afar to come here, to live here, to work here, to play here.

“Wait, wait,” you say, “I live in Seattle and I am NOT adventurous!” That may be true, but your parents were and that plays a role in why you live here.

Alright, alright, I know, I know, what a long preface. But understanding where we have been helps determine where we are going. Adventurous people came here, adventurous people live here and adventurous people accelerate change.

Change is all around us, whether we like it or not. It is just more evident/rampant in Seattle and other ‘tech hubs.’

Nobody Likes How Seattle Has Changed… But You Should.

Change is what makes us who/what we are today. Change has shaped you and shaped your city. You can’t change it retrospectively but, knowing where we/you have been can help you navigate/direct the future. The future is yours.

If you don’t like how Seattle has changed in the last 10/20/30 years, just wait for the next 10/20/30 years.



At least Mt. Rainier hasn’t changed (much)…


“Change is hard at first, Messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.”
Robin S. Sharma

And, if you want to go ‘way back’