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Ocean Village Resort Cabins – Tofino British Columbia (BC) Travel Info

Thing Learned 1: If the ‘special rate’ says ‘Storm Watching Special’ then you should expect a storm… a really big one. Thing Learned 2: Even ‘pretty areas’ have flaws… Tofino poses its’ own version of danger, much like the movie Fatal Attraction. Just beneath the surface, there can be a monster. In Tofino’s case, it is the Cascadia Earthquake […]


How To Move From Southern California To The Port Townsend / Port Angeles Area

I have some friends escaping SoCal to move to the rain shadow area of the Olympic Mountains. There are a few small changes you have to make when considering moving from SoCal to the Port Townsend / Port Angeles area. Here are a few items to consider: Comparing Famous Celebrity Families: California vs WA Comparing […]