Rustic Cabin Or Luxury Cabin? Only Choose One… Copper Creek Inn (Mt. Rainier)

Thing Learned…

You generally don’t get both a rustic cabin and a luxury cabin. One will prevail.

A Couple Of Things First…

I tend to write reviews when I am annoyed or disappointed. In this case, it is both reasons.

Please note that most of the other reviews you will read on Yelp about the Copper Creek Inn are about the restaurant that is on site. Nice restaurant, you can read those reviews and see if the blackberry pie is worth the stop. This review is about the lodging for Copper Creek Inn. In the Yelp review about the lodging, you will also find restaurant reviews – Yelp will probably fix that one day.

It’s The Mountain: The main reason you will elect to stay at Copper Creek Inn is because it is near the entry to Mt. Rainier National Park.

Mt Rainier entranceCopper Creek Log Cabin (35707 SR 706 E, Ashford, WA 98304) is located 2 miles from the Nisqually (Southwest) entrance to Mt. Rainier National park.

Mt. Rainier

You can find even more pictures of Mt. Rainier on Facebook.

It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane… (But not both)

Well, the same goes for this Copper Creek Inn cabin. Is it a rustic cabin or is it a luxury cabin?

Copper Creek Inn Pricing:  The Copper Creek Inn website states, “It is a traditional log cabin with luxurious beds, a stone fireplace, polished log walls, views of tall firs and cedars, and the sound of Copper Creek to lull you to sleep.” You would think, since it priced at just $175 a night – Fall 2016 – two-night minimum, that the solidly built cabin would be closer to luxury than rustic, but you would be wrong.


Are There ‘Standard’ Fees? Yep… Here they are:

  • 15 days prior to date of reservation: 75% refund or full credit toward another date.
  • 0 to 14 days prior to date of reservation: No refunds or credits, unless we can rebook the dates you had reserved. If we are able to rebook the dates we will give a 75% refund or full credit toward another date.
  • Smoking in our cabins is strictly prohibited. You will be charged 3 hours cleaning if we find cigarette odor and/or butts in the cabin.

There Are More Fees? Yep… there is an additional $70 (per visit) cleaning fee added on top of all your nightly fees. So, in effect, when you include the cleaning price, out pro-rated cost was 205.00/night plus tax.

But Could It Get Any Worse? Well, I am glad you asked. It can!

Don’t feel like washing your dishes? There is a fee for that.  “Housekeeping is provided before and after your visit. Excessive clean-up after your stay will be charged to your credit card at the rate of $45.00 per hour.”

Copper Creek Inn FeesCopper Creek Inn Fees

It is hard to read, but it essentially says, “Clean your own dishes or we will charge $45/hour to do so for you.” I mean, who doesn’t like eating off plates cleaned by someone with no accountability and could care less about you? At least the ‘continental breakfast’ (one day supplied, even though we stayed two days) is free. Note that the Costco prepackages muffins are not pictured (we were hungry).

Hey, Copper Creek Inn, you have such great blackberry pie, how about just cutting a few slices, putting it on a plate, wrapping it with plastic then leaving it in the frig?

Want to check in early? There is a fee for that. It isn’t anywhere on their site, but it is indicated in their confirmation email, “We offer an early 2 PM check in or late 1PM check out for $50 each.”

Want to check out late? There is a fee for that.

Copper Creek Inn Fees


Well, At Least, It Is Rustic

Copper Creek Inn
Copper Creek Inn Rustic hot tub

Copper Creek Inn

But, The Copper Creek Cabin Isn’t Luxury (as their pricing indicates it should be)

Let’s review a few of the cabin’s ‘features:

  • WiFi – Yes, No Or Maybe? ‘A great place to get away from it all (ie the Internet).’ The site doesn’t address the availability of Wifi. There is a reason why. I called a few days before we went to ask about connectivity. I could hear dishes being washed in the background as a person answered the phone. I asked about WiFi, he paused, “Yeah, we have Internet. Then he volunteered, “The reception is good in the restaurant, but can be spotty the further away you get.” I ultimately received this info in their confirmation email, “Signal is weak from Copper Creek Log Cabin. A good signal can be reached from Copper Creek Restaurant.” So, you will get a chance to de-internet. Your connection will be like a fast 28800 baud modem (unless the cook is updating his Facebook page, then the connection will be at 14400).
  • You Will Love The Toilet If You Are 5’2″ and 105 Pounds: Ya’ know, in my years on earth, I have sat on quite a few toilets, and, almost, could be considered an expert (12,000 sports page reading sessions can’t be wrong). The toilet at Copper Creek is perfect if you are still in middle school (or younger) or if you enjoy doing power leg squats from a very low position. But, if you are an American male, who is at least 5′ 8″ tall and drinks a beer at least once a year, you ain’t going to like this ‘amenity.’

Low, low, low You know when somebody takes the time to take a picture of the crapper,
that there really is a problem.
Get low, low, low…

  • 43: 43? Yeah, 43. I am a heavy sleeper. My wife isn’t. When we woke up in the morning, she said, “43.” “43?” I asked back. “Yes,” she replied, “43 is the number of cars that passed by us last night.” Their website states, “And the sound of Copper Creek to lull you to sleep.” But if you are a light sleeper, like my wife, the roar you hear won’t be the creek.
  • BYOT – Bring Your Own Toiletries: Well, unless you like to share used Costco shampoo and liquid soap. I know, I know, what should I have expected for $175/night?

Copper Creek shower

  • BYOT II – Bring Your Own Towel: You woulda’ thought that at least the towels would have been functional? Nope.

College era towels...

The last time I had towels with holes like this, I was in college.

  • Kitchen – Yes: Full Kitchen – Barely: My wife cooks (a lot) so she took these scores: Dishtowels = 1, hot pads = 0 (used bath towels for hot pad), cutting board = 0, kitchen utensils = marginal (plastic). After reading the draft of this review, my wife made me take a picture of the freezer – something was frozen stuck in the rear of the frosted over freezer that would not come out. She also noted that the interior of the refrigerator is missing shelving which cuts the storage space in half. What pots and pans there were are very old with bad handles. On a brighter note, she reports that the tea kettle was fine.

Copper Creek utensils

Mystery food, back left corner Mystery food, back left corner

  • Word To The Wise Regarding TV (& Football) Fans: There is no cable or satellite TV. But there is a TV with a few DVD and VHS tapes. Yeah… if you are in Ashford, Washington, you shouldn’t be watching TV.
  • Water, But Is It Real? There is a scene from the movie LA Story with Steve Martin. Martin has a scene where he is groping the breasts of a woman, 20 years younger than he is, and says, “Sandee, your, your breasts feel weird.” Sandee looks back at him and says, “Oh, that’s ’cause they’re real.” With that preface, the water is super soft – it’s rainwater. It doesn’t taste ‘real,’ like the city water most of us drink every day. In short, the water may taste weird, but it is real.
  • The Interior Condition: The bedding did not smell freshly laundered at all – a bit musty. The drapes in bedroom falling off the hook, which is broken on both ends.

drapes Note the sporty angle, tilting southward, on the drapery rod above.

  • The Restaurant Is Open For Breakfast… Or Is It? Since the restaurant was about 40 feet from our cabin and we looked at the menu (below) provided in the room, we thought we would grab breakfast before going to Mt. Rainier. It was closed. When we returned from our day visit to the national park we asked an employee why the menu said breakfast until 11 am, but it was closed. The employee said, “They were losing money on breakfast, so they don’t serve it now.”

Breakfast served until 11 am

  • But The Pie Is Great? Here is a review from the Tacoma News Tribune about the blackberry pie. The paper reports that, “Copper Creek Inn only serves one kind of pie – Zuelich’s blackberry pie. They bake more than 200 pies a week.”

copper creek pie

  • So… Would I Go Back?  Sure, with lower expectations, and, either with amenities that justifies the price or at a lower nightly price.

Mt. Rainier